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What makes BigPoll better for you?

Why you should choose us, what is the our difference from other standard options. Let's look at these differences.

  • It's Free

    No contracts or obligations, just create polls for free. Save your money and time.

  • Modern UI

    Your polls are modern, user-friendly and it has an impressive interface.

  • Secure Platform

    Get clear and accurate poll results with ip address and browser session checking with 2048-bit SSL security.

  • Easy Sharing

    You can share your polls or result quickly on WhatsApp, Twitter, or anywhere.

Real-time results

All processes take place in real-time. You can follow the poll results live.

  • Live results
  • Presentation mode SOON
  • Instant voting
  • Analyze results SOON

Use Cases

When you need to our platform?

Actually you can use anytime. But maybe this example use cases helps to you understand your options more clearly.


Manage RSVPs easily, identify guest or client needs or plan event date for participants availibility.

Market research

Collect quantifiable data, target your audience effortlessly or use from the office or in the field

Friends and family

Plan group activities, learn more about each other or just keep in touch and have fun

How to use?

You can follow these basic 3 steps, after then you can easily use to our poll platform.

  • 1


    Write poll question and fill options. On this step you will have some poll options also.

  • 2


    Send your poll to other people. All users can vote quickly anytime.

  • 3


    Get the results in real-time. No need to refresh or anything on the UI.

Do you have any question? Create your first poll today for free.

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